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4. Is it safe enough that MCT technology lens contact directly with eye contact?
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A: MCT technology is the combination of ophthalmology,optometry and traditional Chinese medicine. And its success needs qualified ophthalmologist or optometrist, qualified lens and qualified users. These make sure safe and efficacious of MCT technology. If the user operated according to the professional guidance, the lens must be very safe. According to statistics, the complication rate is only one over one hundred thousand, so far, we has not received any larger complaints.

Corneal model is a reversible process, so it will not cause irreversible deformation to cornea. Regular review and complete equipment can ensure the whole treatment process smoothly; professional oculist and supervision guarantee its safety.
In addition, safety use of MCT technology is related with the user´s health habits. If without good health habits and conditions, we do not recommend him or her to wear MCT lens. Parents must supervise the child to completely finish cleaning and disinfection process according to specification. Before the fitting,the patients need to pass a number of inspections. If with fundus disease, dry eyes, active inflammation,the patient can´t wear MCT lens. Night wearing contacts is safer than the day wearing, because at night, eyeball and eyelid are relative static, and this statue avoids the mechanical friction and air pollution. When sleeping, corneal oxygen demand (cod) is only 7% of the day and with the high oxygen lens, MCT lens does not affect the metabolism of eyes.

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