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7  7. Which is better for the children with myopia, wearing frame glasses or MCT Lens? 9. Who are suitable for MCT lens?  8
8. What are the different between MCT technology and excimer laser surgery ?
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A: 1, The treatment process of MCT technology is not traumatic, and will not change corneal tissue and physiological structure. It only reshape the corneal surface, and with scientific use, it will not damage the cornea. Corneal shape change caused by MCT technology will recover a month after stop to wear the lens. This kind of change is the reversibility of MCT technology which is different from the biggest character of laser surgery. And laser surgery therapy is traumatic and will cause fundamental changes in corneal tissue structure which is irreversible, and may cause some complications;

2, laser surgery can one-off reduce myopic degree and can avoid the wearing of frame glasses and care work of MCT lens. The wearing of MCT lens requires long-term follow-up review which is in order to track the eye health status, the right use of care products, and the regular replacement of lens to ensure the safe of use and maintain corrective effect;
3, MCT technology is suitable for 7 ~ 45 years old patients, especially patients who are under 18 years. Laser surgery generally applied in 18 years old whose myopia degree is no longer deepen;
4, Correctional process of MCT technology is exchange lenses according to the eyes refractive status at any time, but what laser surgery can do is only re-operation (according to the different cases)
       5, Correctional myopic degree range of MCT technology is less than -10.00 D, but laser surgery is within -30.00 D.
       6. For pathological myopia, MCT technology can control its development, indirectly prevent the emergence of serious complications, but laser surgery can´t control pathological myopia development and also the development of complications. Meanwhile surgery may cover up the progress of the disease.

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