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New Breakthrough! MCT Can Treat Myopia When Sleeping
from:EYGOOD.COM  |   date:2012/4/12 14:21:14  |   views:5684

With the development of technology and medicine, more and more diseases have been controlled and found the treatment method. The diseases, which used to kill millions of lives easily, is not as horror as before.   


Once, smallpox has been one of the most infectious diseases in the world. It brought Emperor Kangxi in danger when he was a child, and his surviving made him prince. When he ascended the throne, the Kangxi and Qianlong Dynasty is beginning. Now it is able to prevent smallpox by only planting vaccines of pox for every newborn. In one of Lu Xun´s works, a kid of Hua family treats the tuberculosis by bloody bread frivolously. Now tuberculosis may have a probability of being cured and a control therapy; in the past, people could do nothing to leprosy but rushed the sufferers to isolated areas before, and some of the patients had even been killed and burned. Now medicine has developed and a set of treatment which are the combination of prevention and drugs cam control leprosy effectively.The ancients who are myopia always led a stumbling life. Glasses are a kind of rarities in the Yuan and Ming dynasties, and only the dignitaries can use them. They are expensive items which the rich people should pay a cow to exchange one. When the glasses into millions civilian family, people raised a new hope. They looked forward to the advances in medicine which can really solve the problem of myopia, or be able to see a clear and bright world again after waking up.


Now, it is no longer an unattainable dream, MCT (Digital orthokeratology lens) can really treat myopia in sleep.


From the fifties in the last century, with the cautious attitude, many ophthalmologists worked together to study in a kind of safe and effective orthokeratology lens. Infinite wisdom and ceaseless exploration of myopia treatment was devoted into this process. The MCT is one of the best!


MCT is a leading optometry technology of “digital Ortho-K lens” which is developed by Professor Jeffrey Wang and a number of eye care units after several years of careful research and thousands of the clinical application. This technology is the innovation and breakthrough of the traditional orthokeratology. The lens uses a series of new types of high oxygen permeability materials and they select the high-precision CNC pneumatic machine made in the U.S. to produce lenses. These make the wearing became safer and more effective.


MCT uses a kind of high oxygen permeability material to design and manufacture the precision rigid contact lenses with a geometric shape which is the inverse of the surface morphology of human corneas. The lenses’ shape is used in the correction of human cornea curvature quantitatively, which could reduce the myopia. After wearing this kind of lenses one night, you can maintain a good visual acuity in the next day. It means that you can get a good distance vision without wearing a pair of glasses. It also can abolish the eye muscle adjustment tension, reduce the intraocular pressure relatively and also reduce the retina focus loss at the same time. It also can reduce the driving force which leads to myopia progression and thus play an important role in the control of myopia development.


According to the clinical manifestations, after wearing the night-wearing MCT, the vision of the people who are low or medium myopia--less than 600 degrees myopia and 200 degrees astigmatism-- can be improved greatly and also can curb the rapid deepening of juvenile myopia effectively. MCT treatment is non-invasive, reversible, and therefore it needs to be worn every night continuously. After the two-week period of consolidation, it is able to experience the magic of the myopia treatment in the sleep, and the clear world after waking up.


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