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23 Innovative Breakthroughs of MCT Technology
from:EYGOOD.COM  |   date:2012/12/6 9:54:34  |   views:4528


1. Advanced accurate eye corneal re-shaping technology with digital design which is combined with related eye disease diagnosis and treatment technologies.

2. A very good effect with 99% success rate.

3. Close-to-0 complication risk rate.

4. A new standard optometry & fitting technology which can dismiss trial fitting, assessment & some other inaccurate technologies.

5. Unique professional cleaning technology enhances health & effectiveness.

6. The patented technology—lens cleaning case simplifies & optimizes the usage of sufferers.

7. Keratopathy prevention & treatment technology of Shanghai Furen ophthalmology ensures corneal health.

8. Innovative patented technology—mist tear can moist eyes & make the wearing comfortable.

9. Unique after-laser-surgery MCT technology can solve surgical complications.

10. Unique MCT correction technology for high myopia (-1000 DS), & high astigmatism (±450DC).

11. Unique MCT correction technology for +300 DS hyperopia with astigmatism.

12. Unique MCT correction technology for presbyopia.

13. Unique MCT technology for the high aberration.

14. Unique MCT treatment technology for child & adult amblyopia.

15. A stronger myopia development control technology.

16. Unique myopic prevention MCT2 technology can reduce myopic degree under some conditions.

17. Unique corneal curing MCT3 technology can be used in the treatment and control of keratoconus, as well as adults myopic treatment.

18. The technology which can prevent & treat the combination of myopia & high intraocular pressure.

19. The treatment technology of leukoma, corneal cicatrix, macular nebula & nebula caused by a variety of causes.

20. The diagnosis and treatment technology for pathological myopia (progressive myopia).

21. The diagnosis and treatment technology for xerophthalmia caused by a variety of causes.

22. The differential diagnosis, treatment & correction technology for sub-clinical keratoconus.

23. The position of MCT technology: MCT technology is the interdisciplinary technology of ophthalmology and Optometry, TCM Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine. 






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