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The Principle of MCT Technology Ensuring the Eye Health
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In recent years, MCT technology shows its function of keeping cornea health in a long term. This makes people think that why and how MCT technology can do it.


Firstly, all the design dates of the MCT lens are from the computed result of the dates that get from every sufferer’s corneal topographic map and then the lens is processed by highly precise aerodynamic machine tool. The above ensure the non-interference of physiological requirement of eye, the smooth circle of tear and the uniform force of eye’s surface.


Secondly, in common situation, the only 7% daily oxygen supply is need when we are sleeping and this supply is provided by the capillary vessel of conjunctiva and the blood from eye margin angle. The material of MCT is Boston XO whose oxygen transmission rate is 140DK. Because this high OTR would not reduce the oxygen supply to the cornea it will not bring the shortage of oxygen to the cornea when sleeping. There are also no influences to breathe of cornea in the daytime, because the lens will be removed after waking up. Why do not wear the lens in the daytime? Every day, your eye will wink over 25000 times and this will bring friction to the cornea. Wearing lens at night is more healthy and easy for the parent to take care.  


Besides, the vision is always good when wearing and taking off the MCT lens. Therefore regulating power will not be excessive used, no matter what you have seen in the day time. This will reduce the motion of development to myopia by slight force of upper eyelid to shorten the length of axis oculi and prevent the prominence of cornea. This makes the increase of the myopic degrees of must our users is from 100 degrees drop to about 13 degree. Even some sufferers successfully reduce the actual myopic degrees. 


Having a clean vision without any glasses or lenses, it is a kind of psychical release for every one. Without the glasses, it will be more confidence in communication and sport! The most important thing is the reasonable reexamination system: 1week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months. The 4 objective indicators in every 6 months reexamination is: 1. Cornea is healthy or not; 2. be satisfied with the uncorrected visual acuity or not; 3. topographic map is normal or not after wearing; 4. Lens is damaged or not. These are what the sufferers most care for and according to them, every problem could find the most suitable solution!


The MCT care system, which uses the Chinese Patent: Web lens cleaning case to completely remove protein, fat and other contaminated sediments in the lens everyday. This ensures the lens cleaning in a quite long time, directly contribute to the long-term health of the eye and avoid the disadvantages of traditional cleaning method which is with your fingers.



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