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3 Steps -- Farewell to Myopia by MCT Technology
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Firstly, control the development of myopia by MCT. No matter the myopic degree is high or low, this technology can help you to achieve the all-round control of the development and get an satisfied naked eye vision. 600 degrees below can easily reached 1.0, and 600 degrees above but 1000 degrees below can reach 0.6 D functional visual acuity.

Secondly, use MCT2 integrated technology to enhance the sensitivity of the retina, this can make you see the objects farther away. The technology could enhance visual acuity to more than 1.2 D-1.5 D, and even ultra-clear visual acuity to 2.0. At the same time, it can relatively shorten axial length, so that the degree of myopia relatively reduced.The next step is to enhance the real visual function level and to overcome vague phenomenon caused by myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism ect.

Finally, use MCT3 technology to consolidate what has been achieved and to prevent the result of early efforts. In this period, patients with low and medium myopia have to wear MCT3 lens several days a week, and then they can achieve the best naked eye vision. In short,   the using MCT technology can help your to say farewell to myopia, and remember that: although the lower myopic degrees the better, high myopia also had a marked effect.




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