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The myopia correction by MCT Technology can partly instead of laser surgery
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The myopia correction by MCT Technology can partly instead of laser surgery


As one of the most important part of our body, a pair of bright eyes can bring us a colorful world and a bright future. Bright eyes should not only have a beautiful appearance, but also have a good vision. Actually, good eyesight is much more important than beautiful appearance. In the daily life, the girls like to use eye line, eye shadow, eyelash to beautify their eyes but once when vision lost, even having the external beauty, bad vision will bring a variety of troubles, and you have to wear glasses or do surgery to correct the vision.


There commonly have two ways to correct the refractive error, Wearing a frame glasses and contact lenses. Mild-to-moderate myopia usually can correct and treat the refractive error by frame glasses. This is also the main treatment for simply mild-to-moderate myopia at present. Contact lenses usually suits for high myopia, astigmatism, amblyopia and pathological myopia, etc. Lens correction is suitable for the correction and treatment of the developing myopia and steady myopia.


Surgically correction of refractive error is based on the laser, and the most common surgery is LASIK and femtosecond laser surgery. Laser surgery have more obvious effect on solving some bad vision problems, but it also faces with a certain risk, including its own risk and risk of postoperative complications. The operation has stability, and in addition, there also have some certain requests to patients. Not all the patients can use the surgery to solve the vision problems.


Many domestic and foreign ophthalmology & optometry research institutions are in continuous efforts in finding a non-operative way to solve various vision problems, but also ensure the effect, and the lower risk. They has already made some achievements, the earliest one is the Orthokeratology lens. Traditional Orthokeratology lenses can correct and treat mild myopia and some other vision problems, but in actual applications, because of the risk of trial fitting, it leads to keratitis and some other complications after wearing. The most serious complication is blindness. It makes a lot of patients have the psychological burden. Although development is difficult, a kind of corneal reshaping MCT technology came out. It transcends the traditional orthok lenses, avoids the risk of trial fitting, and also achieves as same effect as the surgery.


MCT technology is the Corneal Reshaping technology developed by Web Optometry Institution, Shanghai Furen ophthalmology technology research institution and numerous national ophthalmology and Optometry research institutions. After 14 years´ development, it becomes a leading corneal reshaping technology among the world. MCT technology is based on individual cornea. It collects the 6000 ~ 10000 data in the corneal surface, and designs the lenses according to the like-holographic data. The MCT lens reversely stops axis growth directly by the focus of upper eyelid, revises corneal radian, avoids the forward protruding of cornea, makes the cornea plain, and reduce the degree of myopia. It has an obvious effect on children and teen-agers myopia, high myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, adult amblyopia and some refractive errors.


Although MCT technology and laser surgery are not the same correction method, the principle of the treatment is the same: reasonably changes the shape of corneal surface, reduces the refractive power, and then reduces or even eliminates myopia. MCT technology can do what the surgery can do, and also can do it can not do.


Comparing with laser surgery, MCT Technology has lower risk in the filed of the correction of vision problems. After clinical test, MCT technology became more and more popular among patients with vision problem. After 10 years development, there are tens of thousands of MCT members and the success rate is 99%. Meanwhile, there are the risk of over and under correction, dry eyes and some other problems after surgery.


Laser surgery is mainly used for myopia which stops the development , but if it is in the development, the physicians will remind the patients not to do the surgery correction. MCT technology is mainly used for the developed myopia. Because it can more effectively control the development and correct the vision.


Without correct nursing, or because of some other reasons, it may lead to refractive error recovery after surgery. This makes the surgery cannot have a long-term vision effect; but MCT technology can be worn in the daytime and at night. And after a whole night wearing, it will still have a good vision after taking off the lens during the day.


For pathological myopia, laser surgery is difficult to obtain a good result. After a period of time, the degrees of myopia will increase for pathological myopia patients who did the laser surgery. And complications will continue to develop. MCT technology can reduce the development of the degree increase of pathological myopia, indirectly prevent the development of complications, and does not need to assume surgical risk. In the field of pathological myopia, MCT technology is better than the laser surgery.


There are some certain requests of laser surgery. Patients too old or too young are not suit to do the surgery. But basically, there is no age limit for MCT technology. In addition, MCT technology is more flexible than the surgery in the treatment of amblyopia, presbyopia and clinical Keratoconus.


Use MCT technology to correct the refractive error, avoid the risk of laser surgery, and enjoy the good eyesight. MCT technology lets more people share the light!

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