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Luxuriant metamorphosis of RGP Lenses, MCT makes your vision more clean
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Luxuriant metamorphosis of RGP Lenses, MCT makes your vision cleaner


Glasses are the product of vision correction, and different vision problems need different glasses to correct. As one of the most intuitive problems which influence the vision, poor vision not only caused by genetic reasons, but also postnatal reasons like the bad habits of using eyes. With the gradually increasing of the people with the poor vision, the situation becomes more and more complicated. We can find its track from the development of the vision correction:  the most basic frame glasses, to the soft contact lenses, and to the rigid contact lenses. In the field of technology,the changes in the glasses is a progressive process. These changes can not only bring the good eyesight to people, but also can avoid the complications. One of the most typical lenses is RGP lenses -- Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens.


RGP is the abbreviations of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens. The material of RGP is the polymer of silicon and fluorine, etc. This polymer can greatly increase the throughput capacity of oxygen. This is the most fundamental advantage of RGP lenses comparing with the soft contact lenses. Because oxygen permeability is related very tightly with the health in lens wearing, oxygen permeability influences the fully breathing of corneal surface and can reduce inflammation of the cornea and the incidence of complications. According to this advantage, RGP is called the "breathing invisible glasses".


In daily life, we occasionally got the reports that wearing soft contact lenses leads to eye infections. The reason of this kind of medical disputes is due to: when bad vision patients wearing soft contact lenses, they only pay attention to if it can help them restore vision, but do not in the complications the wearing will cause. RGP lenses are better than soft lenses in these aspects: on the one hand, they can reduce the incidence of complications; On the other hand, they can be used to solve more vision problems.


RGP lenses are with high oxygen permeability, and good wettability and anti-precipitability. From daily RGP lens entering China in 1995, more and more bad vision patients choose the RGP lens. RGP lenses not only let patients took off the frame glasses, but also solve a variety of vision problems. 


The molding RGP is very good, will not change its form and provide a high quality of optical correction. Especially for some high myopia, and astigmatism patients, the correction effects are better. RGP Lenses have a very good biological intermiscibility. Even long-term wearing will not cause corneal hypertrophy and edema. RGP lens can be continuous wearing in the daytime and at night, and do not need to be taken off every day. Its nursing is simple, and use life is very long, commonly 2-3 years, if pay attention to the correct use. The corrected vision by RGP lenses is high-definition. RGP lenses can control the development of myopic, astigmatism and also can treat the early Keratoconus.


The development of super high myopia of teen can be slow down by RGP lenses, but its control of myopic development is weaker than MCT. According to the statistics of authoritative experts, the myopia will develop 0.45 degree every year after wearing RGP lenses. This degree is far below the development if wearing ordinary glasses. But with night wearing MCT lenses, the development is less than 0.047 degree every year. These are the advantages of RGP, and also the acceptable reasons of RGP, but the traditional RGP also has some shortcomings: the fitting of RGP lenses must have an adjustment process and commonly 1 ~ 2 weeks. At the beginning, the patient will have a foreign body sensation, eyesight fluctuation and dry feeling.


Science and technology is not stalled and the breakthrough is the key point. Among variety of the breakthrough of RGP technology in many ophthalmology and optometry research institutions, MCT technology stands on the shoulders of RGP technology, and developed a more precise digital RGP lens. It not only overcomes the disadvantages of common RGP lenses, but also focuses on and breaks through all the advantages of ordinary RGP. These let RGP safer and higher quality!


MCT technology is the Corneal Reshaping technology developed by Web Optometry Institution, Shanghai Furen ophthalmology technology research institution and numerous national ophthalmology optometry research institutions. After 14 years´ development, it becomes a leading corneal reshaping technology among the world. MCT technology is based on individual cornea. it collects the 6000 ~ 10000 data in the corneal surface, and designs the lenses according to the like-holographic data. Cooperating with RGP fitting evaluation technology, it improves comfort and visual quality of RGP lenses.


Comparing with ordinary RGP, MCT lens does not need trial fitting and only needs a short time to adapt .because of full digital and specific evaluation technology, when doing corneal topographic map, MCT technology makes the integration of the cornea and lenses in one step and eases the pain and annoyance of the patients.


Secondly, the lens designed by MCT technology is more precise than RGP lenses. It is 1 degree a step, not 25 degree a step as before. This makes the vision inspect more clear, and the visual quality better. RGP lenses can be worn in the daytime and also at night. But there is no need to wear RGP lenses at night, because there was no research shows that night wearing RGP can control the myopic development. Therefore RGP lenses are usually wore in the daytime. MCT lens can be wore before sleeping, and took off in the morning. There is still a goods vision after taking off the lenses in the whole day. MCT lenses can also control the myopic development. And wearing at night is more convenient and less pollution.


MCT technology can also correct more complex vision problems. RPG lenses designed by MCT technology can solve high myopia and high astigmatism, such as astigmatism over 500 degrees, myopia over 1000 degrees, early Keratoconu, irregular astigmatism after corneal surgery, children and adults amblyopia, etc.


MCT technology improves and develops the correction ability of RGP, and effectively avoids the disadvantages. It also makes some breakthroughs which can improve vision better, lets patients have healthier, clearer eyesight!


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